Shopping Prescription Glasses Online Is A Money-Saving Trend

However, how do they narrow down the options to the frames that will suit their lifestyle best? Not having an optician to guide them can make things tricky. Here’s a guide to help anyone find designer prescription glasses online.The first step is to look up what’s called a face shape guide, available online. It will tell the individual which styles will flatter their face shape the best. Next, they’ll need to figure out what size to purchase. The frame size can be found by looking at a current pair of glasses. They will state eye size, temple length and bridge size.Here’s how to find the size on current frames if availableEvery pair of glasses frames is a bit different, so the information for size may not be located in the exact same place. Check out the inside of current frames. The wearer will find the size information stamped in one of three places:

How to read the size:

Every number and marking found is relevant to the size. The bridge size and eye size are usually right next to each other, and may be separated by a square box symbol. The temple size is right after in most cases, but in some there may be other information in between them.Look for a two-digit number, and a three-digit number. Here’s how to identify them:
Eye Size – This will be a two-digit number in the 40 – 62 range
Bridge Size – This will be a two-digit number in the 14 – 24 range
Temple size – This will be a three-digit number in the 120 – 150 range

The eye size is considered the most crucial number to know. Depending on the style of designer prescription glasses frames chosen, most people find they can go up or down by one number, and still enjoy the fit.Don’t worry about the set of capital letters with numbers. This is the model number for the frame. Unless of course   cat eye prescription glasses online it doesn’t hurt to type it in online and try to find it.Be Sure the Script is Still Good
Optical prescriptions typically expire around one or two years from the date the exam was performed, if they are expired the buyer will have to make an appointment for an exam. This is important to be sure the right designer prescription glasses online are purchased. An out of date prescription may not help the eyes at all. The good news is that usually an expert optician associated with the site chosen can get a hold of the previous eye doctor if need be.


Most farsighted and nearsighted individuals wear single-vision lenses. What this means is that they only have one corrective power. They are often called reading glasses, and they can even be purchased without a prescription as long as the person knows what power they should be.Multifocal lenses have two or sometimes more corrective powers and need a prescription for sure. The next thing to choose is the type of material for the lenses. There are four different materials that you can have your prescription lenses made from:Plastic is the most popular and of course economical choice. It’s recommended for those who are filling light prescriptions that are up to +/-1.75. Polycarbonate are perfect for kids and active individuals because they resist scratches and impact well.Once frames and lenses are chosen for designer prescription glasses online, one can choose add-ons. These include anti-reflective and ultraviolet coatings. That’s all there is to it! Expect to get a couple pairs of glasses online for the price of one in the local retailer in most cases.

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